Monday, 19 May 2014

Should I Work On oDesk?

So, like the multitude of freelancers out there, you too got swept away by the brilliant oDesk ads and decided to sign up? Of course you did, those ads are after all really perfect! Now that you have signed up, you are no doubt dreaming about how successful you will be, how you'll gain complete economic independence, maybe even become richer than all your friends (face it, that's the human condition, we have all at some point or the other, dreamt about this ;) ), and most importantly, show them all! By all, I refer to the many naysayers you are bound to encounter along your way, all the people who still work at the office you so courageously, and smartly, decided to leave. 

There is just one problem, nobody is hiring you! You have beefed up your oDesk application letter, applied to the best jobs and are patiently waiting. To your extreme alacrity, the list of applicants keeps growing and eventually there are a few interviews and a few hires and a few days later (if you are lucky ), you get a notice saying that your application to the job was denied or has ended. Needless to say, this is supremely disappointing.

Don't be dejected so soon, rejection is always hard to take, but as you'll soon learn, freelancing is like figure skating - it simply isn't as easy as people make it out to be! Stay positive and don't give up. It is too soon to go back to your old office with your tail tucked between your legs. Sure, you may think that if you fall at the feet of your boss, yes the same one you so arrogantly sneered at, the same one to whom you confidently said something along the lines "I'll see you around, nice working with you, NOT", will be all but too happy to take you back! If these thoughts are indeed creeping into your mind, as they have crept into the minds of nearly every freelancer at one point of time or another, ask yourself this: Am I ready to hear "I told you so" a million times over? 

If you are anything like me, (and I am guessing you are, otherwise what would you be doing here) you would have vehemently answered no to that question.  Maybe, of it's own accord, your head started moving in the negative too! Remember this and get motivated to try again. The fact is that oDesk is a very, very difficult market to break into. I'm NOT saying that you should not work on oDesk (I make a major portion of my monthly earnings thanks to oDesk), all I'm saying is that you should not use it as a measure of your true success, at least not when you are just starting out as a freelancer. While in many ways, oDesk is absolutely great for freelancers starting out, in many ways, it is also disastrous.

I won't ramble more about oDesk in this post. However, this is the first part of a series on working successfully on oDesk. I will be blogging extensively about this, right from crafting an effective profile to sending an application letter. Stay connected to find out more, I would be more than happy to field any and all queries, just post a comment. Also, take a minute to join the Freelance Writer's Club. It's a great way to get periodic mails about new posts, useful resources and also, the occasional writing gig! 


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